Tanner's Drawings

Drawings added Nov. 24, 2005

Chaulken Island

The Soldier Drawings

"The Battle of the Little Bighorn -- The Indians’ Story"

Father's Day, 2005

Various Drawings, 2005

Architectural Model, 2005

February, 2004

December, 2003

This relief map was done as part of a project for school.

November, 2003

The Indian Girl
June, 2003

(Tanner drew this on the back of a Chevy's Restaurant
children's menu with just the four crayons they gave him.)

June, 2003

March, 2003

Drawings from Tanner's 3rd Grade Portfolio (2001-2002)

Zoo Tycoon [using MS Paint]
(November, 2002)

Ursarander (September, 2002)

Ichiro (April, 2002)

The Water Purifier (late 2001)