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Recent updates are at our new family blog. Rob also has a professional blog, Persistence of Vision.

Added August 5, 2006: Wow, an update! RV trip to Colorado. Disneyland and Southern California with Davises. Various bits from the second half of 2005.

Added November 24, 2005: Tanner's school paper, "The Battle of the Little Bighorn -- The Indians’ Story".

Added July 27, 2005: Tanner's birthday party in January, 2005; other various bits from the first half of 2005.  Also, some additions to Tanner's drawings, including his model from his architecture class.

Added April 25, 2005: Our trip to SunRiver Resort in November, 2004.

Added April 23, 2005: Tanner's 6th-Grade Outdoor School and our trip to Florida.


Last updated January 11, 2007